Friday, January 9, 2009

Winter Blues

The new year always brings many changes, some are planned and some are unexpected. This year, I've decided to write a blog. A collection of stories, experiences, interests and important people. I consider myself to be a private person, but there has always been a part of me that wants to be expressive and open. To see my own words splashed across the screen for all to read is something I wouldn't ordinarily share with my family, or even strangers. However, here I am, opening up my thoughts and feelings with you for the very first time. So, I hope by sharing this personal journal, it will give you a mere glimpse of who I am, and what inspires me. Which brings me to the reason why I'm beginning to write this blog. Lately, I've been feeling pretty down. I guess you can say I've been having the winter blues . It all started after the Christmas holidays, and when the kids returned to school. I was sad to see them go, and I missed their company. I even procrastinated; leaving the holiday decorations up for an extra week! The cold weather didn't seem to help alter my feelings. I like winter, and all its beauty but the frosty temperatures have made the early morning walk quite unpleasant. I know this is just a phase, and I'm sure I'll return to my normal self again. I just don't want to think about another two or three of months of winter. Brrrrrr! You will probably hear more of my trifles in the coming months - it comes and goes. Hope you stick around. :)

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  1. Excellent!! Now, you've inspired me to write my own blog--but it would be a blog about all the comical things that happen in my life--- all those things I tell you about that should end up in a sitcom.