Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bare Impressions

The sun shone brightly this morning as I looked out the window, and bundled up J.P in his winter coat, hat and mitts. Luckily, the walk to school would be a short one. We stepped out into the cold morning air; the street empty and quiet. Along the way, J.P loves to run up a hill, and rest on a big rock near his school. He gave me his backpack, and I watched him run carefree, squealing in delight. As I reached him, I noticed the bare trees behind him, standing so gracefully. After dropping him off to school, the walk back home seemed longer. I was lost in my own reverie. I made a mental note that the trees in my neighbourhood were quite old and magnificent. Sadly, I had never noticed them before. I quickly returned home, took out my camera, and immediately went to work.

~ I spent some time reading and admiring many blogs. It's wonderful to see so much creativity out there. I'm relatively new here; don't know what to expect but I can see the possibilities. I appreciate those who come and visit my site, and catch a glimpse of my ordinary life - in my own words, thoughts and pictures. ~

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