Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sick Day

Yesterday, A.R. came home from school with a fever. He said he didn't feel well after attending the Remembrance Day services. I wish he told his teacher he was ill so we could have picked him up from school. All this news on H1N1 has made me worried. We haven't received the H1N1 flu shot because we don't fall in the "high priority" group. I woke up every hour last night to check up on him. He still has a mild fever and a cough, however, that doesn't mean things could change in the next few hours, or even days. We're keeping an eye out for H1N1 symptoms. So far things look good. Let's hope he gets well soon!

~ I just heard on the news that school age children can now take the H1N1 flu shot. Nice. Now that my boy is sick with fever, we have to delay his vaccination until he gets better. ~

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