Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Favorite Time of Day

After weeks of trying to avoid getting sick, I've finally succumbed to a mild cough, runny nose, and muscle aches. I'm feeling rundown but what am I to do when there's errands to take care of, kids to pick up from school, and meals to prepare? I'm not exactly bedridden yet! I felt miserable all day but I wasn't going to let this nasty cold spoil my evening. And how I love my evenings - whether it's spending time with J.P as he reads his book, or listening to my budding musician, A.R. practice his guitar lessons. For me, the evenings are all about reconnecting with my kids; asking about their day, helping them with their homework, or just relaxing with them. I always look forward to this time because it's so lovely and peaceful. I even think the kids seek out quiet time, and I don't blame them since their day is hectic! I asked the boys if they would like chocolate chip muffins for a treat. They didn't object to the idea - they know all too well that I have to be in the "mood" to bake. Hubby came downstairs and watched a basketball game while I was busy filling up the muffin pans. I suspect J.P informed him of my activities. I wasn't too surprised to see them all hanging around the kitchen. I mean who could possibly resist these freshly baked muffins?

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