Thursday, November 19, 2009

No School on Friday

I woke up very early to make breakfast and pack lunches, only to realize that the boys have no school today. I'll let them sleep in and enjoy the silence while it lasts. Now that I have them for the day, I know the day will be hectic and noisy. There's just a different energy around boys as opposed to having girls. I find boys are easier to please, making no fuss at all. My boys are pretty easygoing - much like their father. They prefer their playtime with their friends; they enjoy sports, Nintendo and computer games. Just give them their favourite snack and meal, and they're good for the day. I'll ask them what they would like to do. I draw the curtains wide open, pick up clothes and make my way to their bedroom. I hear giggles, and morning banter. J.P is wide awake, reading a book. A.R hides under his blanket. I think I already know the answer as I say good morning. Why do I feel like it's going to be like a pizza day?

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