Monday, November 16, 2009


Today I started the day differently than usual. First, I slept in a little, and woke up at seven o'clock in the morning - on a Monday! I don't always get the luxury of staying under the warm covers so I savoured the moment. I checked A.R's forehead, and was relieved he didn't have a raging fever. He's been sleeping in our bedroom for a couple of days now, sheltered away from J.P and my hubby. It's easier for me to tend to him especially when he had a high fever. The past two nights were rough ones - at least, he's getting some rest, and is on the road to recovery. He still has that nasty cough - I described him as the "frog" from the new animated movie, The Princess and the Frog. It's a nagging cough that won't go away no matter what you do. I guess soup, vaporizer, Vicks, cough medicine and a whole bunch of "TLC" is on the agenda today. Yesterday, I was able to do some Christmas decorating but the tree isn't up yet. A.R wants to help me, hopefully we can have it up after lunch. Sounds like a good plan. I'm now off to make shepherd's pie for lunch. A.R has already picked up his guitar, strumming What Child is This?.

Shepherd's pie is a family favourite.

~ I just love the photo of the Christmas wreath in black and white. Simplicity speaks volumes. Love the texture on the ribbon.~

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