Sunday, December 6, 2009

DIY - Do It Yourself Haircuts

One look at A.R's long and unruly hair, and I knew I just had to give him a haircut. I decided today would be the day to end all the shaggy hairdos , and that I would trim the boys' hair, including hubby's! I've certainly come a long way from shaky and sweaty hands - and giving terrible hair cuts. I started about fifteen years ago, when hubby bought his very own clippers and asked me to give him a haircut. I looked at him in disbelief, and told him I had no experience whatsoever, and I didn't go to beauty school. He suggested I learn something new. He even said he wouldn't be angry at me if it turned out awful. Can you believe that?! R.D reassured me I could use guards on the clippers, and gave me a brief lesson on how to cut hair. I was mortified but I agreed to try. What was I thinking? I was crazy after all! I was such a nervous wreck when I cut his hair - I was so slow and cautious! I bit my lip often, and reminded myself not to say,"Oops!" My first haircut session wasn't picture perfect. I was relieved I didn't snip his hair too short, and I didn't injure him! However, I think the more I cut his hair, the more I felt comfortable using the clippers. Yes, practice makes perfect! I have to thank my hubby for trusting me, and having confidence in me. I now give them a basic crew cut, nothing fancy - no styling required. I use the scissors, and clippers with precision and ease. It also helps if you have a good set of clippers. I use the Oster Classic 76 professional. It's heavy duty, and can cut the thickest of hair. R.D is grateful; he no longer has to wait at the barber shop, and spend thirteen dollars every month. It's free, and done in the kitchen. My young boys are handsome, and clean-cut within minutes. You need a haircut? Just ask! Now, if I can only have my own personal hair stylist. Hmm.

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  1. We do our own haircuts too .. LOL, it's ALOT cheaper