Friday, December 18, 2009

Last Minute Shopping

As expected, the mall was busy, and jam-packed with holiday shoppers yesterday. I, being one of them was glad to get some Christmas shopping done. Normally I get the shopping done, and the gifts wrapped in the first week of December but not this year. Hubby injured his lower back last week - while shovelling heavy, wet snow. So, I couldn't quite leave him alone; he needed help getting around. The funny thing is, he took a two week vacation this month, and spent his birthday (last Tuesday) - in pain and in bed! Poor guy! R.D was bedridden for a few days but now he's up and walking. At least, he's moving around without any assistance. The doctor said it will take another two weeks to fully recover. Hubby explained to me he's doing exactly what the doctor ordered. Somehow I can't help but think he's loving all this special treatment - no errands, no chores, no heavy lifting, and just resting all day. I told him that I'm praying for a speedy recovery, and life could go back to normal. However, I'm happy and thankful R.D's condition isn't serious. Things could have been a lot worse.
So before I leave, and return to the frenzy of last minute shopping. I wanted to show you this. A.R made this cute Christmas ornament at school. I love the arts and crafts my boys bring home. Wouldn't that be a fun activity to do with the kids over the holidays?

~ Check out for more holiday crafts and homemade gift ideas. ~


  1. It would be a good idea to do - thank you!!! I buy a HUGE box of craft sticks and we use them for everything. I can't wait to do it!!!

    Sorry about your hubby - mine threw his back out 2 years ago and he had the time of his life!!