Monday, December 21, 2009

Santa Bring My Baby Back

Every Christmas, Santa always pays a special visit to the young and old at my brother's house. Excitement erupts upon his arrival, and all the little boys and girls gather around him. Grown-ups look on, amusement and joy on their faces. Each child sits on Santa's lap, takes a picture with him, and shares a few magical moments to chat with him. Santa is patient, gentle and kind. He hands out their presents, and laughs heartily.

This Christmas, J.P won't be nearly excited to see him. Our little boy knows the truth now. One morning he said to me, "Mommy, I know you and daddy buy me gifts. I found out watching that commercial." He pointed to the television while my mouth dropped to the floor. What could I possibly say to him? I was left speechless by this turn of events. "I know Uncle A. dresses up as Santa too!" J.P continued. "We saw him getting ready."

* Sigh*

So while he grows up, I'll cherish this photo forever.

Look at J.P (top left) wide-eyed, and ecstatic to see Santa.

Santa, bring my baby back!


  1. Aw, bless your hearts. I don't look forward to when mine find that out. Merry Christmas!

  2. I'm so glad this is my little one's Christmas of magic and wonder. I can't wait to see her face Christmas morning! You'll have to tell your little guy that that there is still magic in Christmas for young and old! Merry Christmas!

  3. That is such a great photo!! So sad that he figured it out - that's not very cool! LOL... {{HUGS}}

    You have an award at my blog!!! Here is the direct link to collect it!

  4. DD floored me with this revelation as we stood in line for Santa. Poor babies, poor us. :)

  5. Thank you again for the award. So sweet!

    Oh, I hear ya! I don't know if I'll get over this one. LoL

    J.P still loves Christmas, and Santa but he knows too much now!

  6. oh no!!! i think i would cry... i just wrote bout daycare i dunno if i can handle him sayin santa isnt real. your a brave mama

  7. I konw when my boys found out, it was as if i betrayed them!! to this day i think they wish Santa was real and they're 18, 20 & 21!!