Saturday, January 16, 2010

That's My Boy

Just a quick post and picture before we head down to the big city to take A.R to his guitar lessons; and spend the day visiting family. Yesterday, A.R returned home from his French immersion school with a surprise. His teacher chose him as the star of the week. I'm such a proud mama and so happy for him! Here's what his teacher wrote to honour his day:

Voici A.R

It est un garcon
Il a les cheveux noirs
Il a les yeux bruns
It est tres intelligent
Il aime la couleur bleu
Il a un petit frere qui s'appelle J.P
Il aime le musique de Michael Jackson


This is A.R. He is a boy, he has black hair, brown eyes. He is very intelligent, he likes the colour blue. He has a younger brother named J.P and he likes the music of Michael Jackson.

And she forgot to add that he plays Spanish guitar amazingly!

That's my boy!

~ I love good news like this! Don't you? Have a great weekend everyone! ~


  1. That is awesome!

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  2. ooooh lala
    I've heard that spanish guitar is really difficult. It's so pretty though <3

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