Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What's for Lunch?

I like to cook but lately, I'm not so inspired these days. All I can say is that the Joy of Cooking book is mocking me. And once again, I escape to culinary websites to get my creative juices flowing. It isn't easy having two boys, with hearty appetites and who consume the meal of the day within minutes. On weekends, I find myself cooking two meals a day. What if I don't feel like cutting, dicing, preparing and cooking? I know this seems crazy but I ask myself this one question everyday. What's for lunch? Or what's for dinner? You would think by now I'd have a meal plan menu set for the week! Honestly, I prefer quick and easy meals. Heck, I'd rather bake! I turn to hubby, and ask whether he would like to cook for a change. He agrees, and then asks, "How do you like your beans and eggs?


On second thought, I'll just look in the pantry and see what I can whip up. Oh, forget it, maybe you can just order take-out!

What's your favourite meal to make? Is it quick and easy?


  1. today we're having fried egg sandwhiches cut out to look like race cars. vroom. yea, its all my two year olds want, that and fruit cocktail.

  2. I'm no help, I honestly hate to cook.LOL When we need somthing quick and easy, it's usually just pasta :p

  3. I do meal plan for the entire week. Then I leave 2 spots open for take-out or to go out.

    Most of my meals are quick and easy. Tonight is just dicked chicken and chive and onion cream cheese mixed together and then I put that mix into a Pillsbury crescent roll and bake it.


  4. I hear ya! I can spend an hour in the kitchen, everyone inhales it in 10 minutes flat. We're vegetarians, and i bought a HUGE vegetarian cookbook which is so impractical for this area it's not even funny. Quinoa? Yea, I would have to go FIFTY MILES AWAY for THAT. Anyway, this recipe is online as well as in my book, and it's one of our favorites, if you don't mind going meatless for a night.

  5. @The Girl Next Door - That sounds delicious!

    Christine - Thanks for the recipe. I will definitely check it out.

  6. Taco soup is one of my favorite, you can whip that up in a hurry. The kids like adding their favorite toppings into the bowl. Hawaiian haystacks are always a bit hit at our home also.


  7. im too nervous to cook alot. I always think it will be terrible but it never is.

    and i looooooooove beans n eggs. i like dipping my eggs in the beans and eating them together.

  8. favorite easy quick meal is spaghetti with meat sauce.

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  12. Ground beef with brown gravy over white rice. fast and delish! Happy Friday Follow - Rita @

  13. I agree with Rita season up some ground beef and make small meat balls. Make a flour and water gravy in a jar shake it up throw it in and toss in the oven. Serve over rice. This was a meal I cooked for my kids and they love it.

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