Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Brotherly Love

My boys are very close; they're inseparable. Their bond is special, you would think that they were twins.

But they have their moments. Let's just say things can get ugly.

As much as they love each other, their love fest can easily turn sour. Since they're old enough, I usually let them resolve their differences. I want them to learn how to compromise, and to co-operate with one another. If things get physical then I step in, and stop the fight. Most times, it's just a lack of communication, or it's all a misunderstanding.

It's the petty squabbles that drive me insane. Why do boys always fight over a game? Arrgh! And it's their strong personalities that often clash. A.R is the instigator; he knows how to get on J.P's nerves. He's also stubborn, and won't take no for an answer. J.P is hot-tempered, and can stand his ground. Weren't they just playing nicely minutes ago?

From their bedroom, I hear them argue. The bickering goes back and forth. No one wants to relinquish their rightful spot and turn. Noise levels have reached an all-time high. The madness continues as my head spins round and round. Finally, I have had enough.

 "Stop it now, or no one plays computer on the weekend!"

 More heated words and cold stares are exchanged.

 J.P yells, "I'm telling mommy on you!"

"Go ahead, you suck!"

I shake my head, and grin. Ahh, there is nothing like brotherly love.


  1. My kids have been bickering a lot lately. The oldest is the stubborn one, and the younger one is the hot tempered and tender hearted one...It's a maaaaad house around here.

  2. Cute!

    I am glad I have girls 8 years apart!! They never fight - the oldest just always gives in :-)

  3. haha that made me laugh! As completely annoying as the fighting gets sometimes I just can't help myself at laughing because of what they say or do...and mine are only 1 and 3!! :)

  4. I totally remember that growing up in my house. I have two brothers :)

  5. My sister and I were like that. We are only 13 months apart. We have had our ups and downs.

    Many people thought we were twind while we were growing up, but I am the oldest so I had to put them straight.

  6. ooooh man... my girls are only 2 and go at it like there was a new toy to be won or something.. hehehe


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  7. Sounds like my teenagers, lol.

  8. It's amazing what kids can find to bicker over!

  9. Been there done that, and even though it's now 20 years later, I still love to see them get excited to play video games together! (which is nowdays a rare treat!)


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  11. Boys, they are a handful! I have two and they love to wrestle each other, which always turns into all out fighting and crying. That is most often when I have to step in and break things up. I don't know what it is with brothers, but they love to get each other going, don't they?
    By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment - I always love getting new readers. :)