Monday, February 15, 2010

Family Day

It was a busy and tiring weekend. J.P was sick on Saturday, and I spent most of the time taking care of him. He still has a mild fever but his spirits are good. Poor little fella, he was stuck in bed, (or on the couch) for a couple of days. At least, he's in the mood to play. You know something is wrong when your kids don't want to play! For Valentine's Day, hubby was sweet to order food for the long weekend so I wouldn't have to cook. As I mentioned before, my husband isn't romantic but he's very thoughtful. He also helped A.R with his science project, and that gave me time to relax, and one less thing to worry about. It was nice to see father and son working together. Also, A.R gave us this cute booklet of coupons. On each coupon he offered to do something nice for each of us. Hubby wanted to use the breakfast in bed coupon but I said that was mine! He would have to settle for the car wash instead. When A.R overheard us say that we'd use a coupon, we heard a loud, "Nooooo!" He didn't expect us to use it so soon but was ready to fulfill our wishes.
Today is Family Day, and the kids have no school. Actually, it's a lovely holiday - it celebrates the importance of families, and family life. A much needed break especially during the cold winter season. March Break doesn't seem so far off; or spring for that matter! Although, this year will be spent at home since J.P is still sick. We're looking forward to hubby coming back home from work, and spending more time with us.  We already miss him!


  1. It's nice to have family days. With teens it gets harder. sIgH.
    Hope you enjoy your day!

  2. I'm glad you had a good day! My husband isn't romantic either, but he sure is thoughtful. I'm pretty sure thoughfulness reigns supreme anyway.

  3. Lasy year our littlest was 18 months old and she just never sat down! Then she got horribly sick and could only lay and watch TV for days.

    Since then I will never tell her to just "calm down!" It was just so awful!

    Hope he feels better soon!