Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Notebook

Just a quick post today. The boys are sick - yes, at the same time! Double the fun for me! Ugh! I've been sleepless for a couple of days - running around, checking temperatures, and handing out Tylenol. Life is pretty hectic right now. And my timing is so off! Everything seems late. To make things easier and avoid confusion, I have a notebook to record the date, time and medications given to each child. I'm also using this notebook for my writing. I prefer the pen and paper as opposed to sitting at the computer, and typing away my thoughts. Every time I'm at my desk, the boys barge in, make noise, and are constantly asking me for something. I don't have privacy either; hubby sits next to me, and likes to peek over at my monitor, and read my posts. So, off I go with my notebook in hand. And I write while I'm listening to the news; while I'm baking, waiting for clothes to dry. All I need is my notebook, and my pen. Or maybe I just like my handwriting now. No chicken scratch here.

Where and when do you like to write?


  1. I jot notes down when I think of something, but I like to write as soon as my little one goes down for her nap. I do not do anything else until the post is finished (read other blogs, reply) or I will lose my train of thought!

    I also am diligent about medications/fever and have a notebook for that too! Each girl has their own so I can refer back to it in the future!

  2. I hope the boys get to feeling better soon! I tend to write on my computer when I am ALONE (when NO ONE is around... which is rare).

  3. I couldn't get by without my countless number of notebooks! I have 1 or 2 in my purse/bag at all times. I keep one in the kitchen, one on the desk, and there's always a few floating around in various places. That way there's always one near by when an idea hits!

  4. I thought I was pretty weird. If I'm writing (yes, I do mine on the computer) and hubby comes near me, I minimize my screen.
    I write on the computer because I type faster than I write, so it's easier.
    I do keep a notebook handy, because sometimes ideas strike me when I'm not near the computer.

  5. I sit on the sofa with my laptop on my lap! Hope the boys feel better soon.

  6. Hope the boys are feeling better! I found you on Friday Follow! Thanks for your comment! I have three kids and a computer in the kitchen-and it is another snow day! I hear ya!

    I write when the kids are in school, at night, in the early, early, early morning!

    I also write articles on

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  8. I have a collection of notebooks and pens, and I use to have a notebook with me where ever I go, I still have a pen on me 99% of the time. I love writing in a notebook, but I've found when it comes to working on my novels, I'd rather just type it right away ... I enjoy working at the computer and I usually watch something on the side while I write (like episodes of TV I missed, or a movie).... I meant to comment on this earlier but everything going on in the house, I'd just like to dig myself a hole and veg for awhile.. lol..

  9. Beautiful photo! There is hope for spring, isn't there? lol
    new follower from Friday Follow