Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Teddy Bear

As much as the boys enjoy Nintendo, Wii, and computer games. You'd be surprised to know they love stuffed animals. When we go on trips, and visit the local gift shops, they would ask if they could have a souvenir. We'd agree, and usually, they'd run over to the toy section and pick out a stuffed animal. Over the years, I have watched this collection grow; so much, it became a mountain of toys! Clearly, it was getting out of hand, and I asked the boys to pick and choose the ones they wanted to keep. The rest would be given to charity. The cute, plush toys that now remain are their favourites. A few keepsakes, and gifts from family members given to them when they were babies - a puppy, a bunny, a penguin and a couple of teddy bears.

One evening, my husband was very tired after work and slept early. He didn't spend much time with the kids. The boys were disappointed but understood why he was tired, and didn't wake him. J.P took one of his teddy bears named Mama Bear, and placed it in the arms of my husband while he was sleeping. When hubby woke up the next morning, he asked why the teddy bear was on our bed. I told him that J.P placed it there just for him. My husband was surprised, and touched by J.P's thoughtfulness; that he went to return the favour before he headed off to work. He tucked Mama Bear beside a sleeping J.P, and kissed him softly on his forehead.

Upon waking up, J.P was upset that Mama Bear was on his bed.

"Daddy!", he cried. "This is yours, why did you give it back!"

I ran upstairs to calm him down. He's quite the sensitive type. I explained to him why daddy gave back the teddy bear.


He turned, scratched his head, grabbed Mama Bear and walked over to our bedroom. He placed it gently back on the bed, and propped it slightly on the pillow. Then hurried to get ready for school.

Mama Bear has been on our bed for over a week. Keeping us warm and snugly at night. A constant reminder of our sweet, little boy. The thought of removing it would only break his heart. Who knew that a teddy bear could mean so much?


  1. That is the sweetest story. What a sweet little boy.

  2. That is SO sweet! As rough and crazy as my little boy can be, it is those sweet, caring moments that truly melt my heart! And he definitely has a warm, gentle side.

    Hayden prefers his pink baby doll above all of his other baby dolls and plush toys... and that in and of itself warms my heart.

    Gotta love a nurturing boy/man!

  3. Aren't kids just the sweetest? When Justin was born, Cailey gave him a blanket. 10 years later it is still a prized possession.

  4. Oh, I hope J.P stays this way!

    Melissa - Your Hayden is the cutest. I remember those pics of your boy playing with the baby doll.

    Christine - Aww..that is sweet.

  5. So touched... first time reader on your blog!!!
    Hope my son grows up to be as considerate as J.P :D

  6. Thanks Shafeena! I tried to comment on your blog but had some trouble. Your boy is so cute.