Monday, February 1, 2010

The Tough Guy

I think the funniest things happen when I'm with my husband. We're constantly laughing and joking around with one another. I wish I could share these moments with you but out of respect, and consideration I must withhold all that information! Instead, hubby has allowed me to tell you this - he says I'm bossy! Humph! Can you believe that? I beg to differ. Well, maybe just a little. Someone has to take charge around here! You see, hubby is laid-back, happy-go-lucky. Me? I'm shy. No, really I am! I'm clumsy but I'm also a neat freak. I dislike clutter. (Hence so I don't trip or fall) I like to be organized; and I like to be on time. If I ask him to do something for me; I expect him to do it now!  Hubby, on the other hand, likes to take his time - sometimes it takes him an hour, a few days, months or even years!  He can be impulsive. I watch in fascination as he works on a project then moves on to another in a blink of an eye! When it comes to parenting, he's a wonderful father but he tends to "give in" to the boys, while I stand firm on my "no". I consider myself a planner; he says he doesn't have a plan - he lives in the moment. Is he romantic? No. Sentimental? Yes. Hubby says we're like yin and yang; that we complement each other so well. I know our marriage isn't always perfect; we have ups and downs, and have our daily struggles. Hmm...I guess this post is really about him and not being bossy! I write about my boys all the time but I fail to mention that I have such a wonderful husband. He's very funny, smart, generous, sweet and one big "softie". Of course, he'll deny this and state that he's a tough guy!

Now that Valentine's Day is just around the corner, what do you love most about your husband or partner? Do you celebrate it every year?

Honey, are you reading this? You better take notes!


  1. This is so sweet. I hope he will read it. My husband and I remind me of you and yours. We are TOTAL opposite, but it works SO well for us!!


  2. That was sweet. My usband is super tough and super sweet too. We are actually very alike which is nice. There is just nothing better than when he is home!!!!!!!!!!

    I have no idea what to do about Valentines Day!!!!

  3. My husband thinks "yes" is the answer to any request I make...and usually will be fulfilled within a year or so of the original request...He's capable of better. If his ER patients ever had to wait half as long...Gotta love him!

  4. Isn't it funny how opposites truly attract. My husband is very outgoing, I'm quiet. Besides I would have to be able to talk louder and longer than he does and it's just not possible. He is thrifty, but not to worry, I can shop for the two of us no problem:) He has great will power, I am a wimp!

    But I love him tons - looking forward to a wonderful Valentines day!


  5. my husband attempts to appease me any way he can, accept when it comes to underwear shopping, he gest soooo embarassed, its adorable. we have alot of our own time, but we love to share our hobbys with the boys , and we always go to be with a kiss and a hug, never angry. love it

  6. Mama2Monkeys - That's so sweet. Good you make time for each other, and your boys!

  7. Hi, I saw you on FMF! I hear that a lot about Facebook! I tried it but it was too time consuming! I'm a new follower!

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  9. My husband does the laundry... And I mean "all" the laundry! I realize upon reading this some mouths will be dropping... and yes I know how blessed I am. But my husband dosent like how I fold so when we were first married we had an agument over it and well... He does all the laundry... while watching espn or some other sports channel and he dosent even mind. I swear!

  10. Everyday Mom - Wow! You're to have a husband who does the laundry!