Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bedtime Challenges

I love spending time with my boys but if there's a time I look forward to; it would be sending the kids off to bed! I can't wait for them to fall asleep so I can have time for myself. My husband often refers to this time as freedom. Yes, I am free to read, write or watch a movie without any interruptions.

However, bedtime can be a challenge. It takes them so long to brush their teeth and say goodnight! Arrgh! And now that March Break is over, the boys are dreading the thought of waking up early and going back to school. I'm certain they will try to delay their bedtime, and ask if they can read another story, or to leave the night light on. Their excuses are endless, funny and creative. They will do just about anything to stay awake and play!

The boys also share a room together, and sleep on a bunk bed. What was I thinking?! I thought it was a good idea. Not so. There is constant giggling, toys crashing onto the floor and a flurry of activity. Our den is beside the boys' room so we are well aware of their antics. From my desk, I give them a final warning to go to sleep. I let them chatter away for a few more minutes until silence falls.

I peek into their bedroom, J.P is on the edge of the bed, his blanket hanging by his feet. I gently move him to the middle. A.R sleeps on the top bunk; he is near the safety guard rail and I roll him close to the wall. Not quite what I envisioned as sleeping babes, tucked away sweetly under their blankets. But, for me, it's another chance to kiss them, and whisper goodnight, and tiptoe my way to freedom.


  1. I look forward to my freedom each night too. My kids really drag out bedtime and they go to bed so late. My little one is still awake now and it's 10:30!

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  3. That's sweet! I too enjoy the freedom of when Hayden goes to bed. My husband does the bedtime with Hayden... they go in his room and Randy reads him stories and lays with him for a bit.

    I get to do what I want... and then I go to bed. I definitely like it.

  4. We used to do that but not anymore...I miss those days.

  5. After a long day of kid noises, I love the quiet of bedtime. Love it.

  6. Beautifully written about the mixed blessings of bedtime...Lil Bits can be quite creative and funny, too, at bedtime...she develops a massive case of the "chatters". I love her, but I love her asleep, too...