Monday, March 8, 2010

Blame it on the Oscars

I had another post scheduled today but I thought I'd tell you what happened this morning. I was downstairs packing lunches, and making breakfast when I heard J.P crying. I ran to his bedroom; thinking he had a nightmare, or he couldn't find his baby bear. I asked him what was the matter. He was lying in the fetal position, his face buried in his pillow. Through stifled sobs, he said, "The tooth fairy didn't come, and didn't leave me anything!"

Yesterday, J.P's lower baby tooth came out while having lunch at my brother's, and we wrapped it in a napkin for safekeeping for the tooth fairy. We arrived home late - I was rushing to get things cleaned up; and sending the kids off to bed so I could watch the Oscars. (I had a moment of weakness. I know I gave up t.v for lent but just this once!)

Yes, mommy stayed up late, and forgot to put his baby tooth under the pillow last night! Oops!

"Oh, honey, it's okay - you didn't put your tooth under your pillow. That's why she didn't come."

J.P gazed up at me, wiped his tears but dropped his face back on the bed.

I looked at A.R, and he muffled his laughter while I consoled his younger brother. He continued to cry but I promised we would place his tooth under his pillow before bedtime.

Oh boy, I better not forget because the tooth fairy has to come tonight!


  1. Awww. Poor little guy. And it sounds like you were quick on your toes. Hope he gets something special from the tooth fairy!

  2. I have forgotten the tooth fairy too. I just feel awful when I do that:(

  3. OMG!!!!!!!!!! You just tell J.P that the Tooth Fairy sometimes gets behind schedule - we know, it happened here once and our daughter was CRUSHED!!!!!

  4. That's tough! I hope she comes tonight so you can have a tear free day tomorrow.

  5. lol, that happened here once. maybe twice, lol. Once, I wrote a whole letter....shrunk it to the size of a postage stamp and put it in the envelope with a dollar. My son had to read it with a magnifying glass lol...but you know...those tooth fairies are really small. As are their notes ;o)

    Good luck 2night and DON"T FORGET! omg! lol!

  6. Been there. I'm a horrible tooth fairy.
    But when they got older they just cut to the chase.
    "How about the tooth fairy gives me $20 and drives me to the movies?"

  7. It's probably close to bedtime, so I am your T.F. reminder!! Don't forget! Tomorrow he'll be so thrilled!

  8. Thanks Andrea! He's in bed now! Tooth is tucked away under his pillow. :)

  9. That is so sweet and endearing...we have moments like that, too, where I can just about contain myself from bursting out in giggles.
    Happy tooth fairy visit tonight!

  10. Awwww! Cute story. Sometime life does get crazy busy. Good thing the tooth fairy has wings -she'll just fly on over there tonight and make that little one smile in the morning! <3

    I found you through "Friday Follow" and am now following you through Google Friend Connect. Come on over and visit us when you get a free moment. Happy Tuesday! <3

  11. I hate when I forget to do something like that, Just the other day I forgot the tooth fairy visit.

  12. Aww, little kids are too cute! Did the tooth fairy end up comming to visit after all? I hope the little guy was surprised!
    I have enjoyed reading your blog and hope to visit again! Feel free to visit my blog at Thank you for the smile!