Monday, March 29, 2010

Grey Matters

I used to be a city girl. Not anymore. We now live forty-minutes away from the metropolis I used to call home. Believe it or not, I'd rather live up north by the lake. I used to be a fashionista. These days, I prefer wearing a pair of jeans, and a hoodie. I don't even apply make-up as much as I used to. To me, less is more. Wow! So much has changed in ten years.

And lately, I've noticed the grey in my hair.

Lots of it.

You see, my hair is jet black.

One or two strands of grey hair easily stands out. Sigh.

But, you know what? People say I look young. I find that hard to believe. My mom's friend thought I was in high school. I laughed when she told me. I may be older, married with two kids but I still feel like I'm sixteen.

So, instead of buying another box of hair colour, I'm letting the grey grow in for a change. Why? Because grey matters. I like the distinction it gives me. It doesn't bother me anymore when I'm called ma'am, Mrs. O, or J.P's mother. You see, I just don't want to be the young, insecure mother I used to be.

I like where I'm at right now. I'm comfortable just being me.


  1. Great outlook! I'm so insecure when it comes to my greys, but I have a feeling I'm the only one who notices them before I cover them up again. Regardless, like you I embrace the distinction that ma'am, Mrs., or U or C's mom gives me.

    Thanks for a new perspective.

  2. That sounds wonderful. My husband has a lot of grey hair and he enjoys it. Some people kid with him about it - and call him an old man. Some people can't understand why he doesn't dye it.

    But he embraces it - it looks shiny!

    - Melissa

  3. Thanks Jessica! I'm totally embracing the grey for now - I'll be back at the drug store soon enough...looking for some hair colour! LoL

  4. I love your attitude! I have blong hair and have a TON of white hair!!! The only problem is that it stick up all over when it is humid! Other than that I call it natural highlights!

  5. I don't have much, yet. Found one a while back (over a year ago) on my fortieth birthday.
    That was my first one. I didn't think it was very funny.
    Haven't seen any since.
    Though (perhaps rebelliously?) I'm sporting dreadlocks these days. :D

  6. Oh, you're so lucky to find only one! sigh.

  7. I'm enjoying getting older (emotionally and mentally) but definitely not physically! x

  8. What a true gift to truly enjoy and embrace being you! I find the older I get the less I care about what others think. Baby steps:)

  9. Love this post! And I couldn't agree more myself!

  10. That is exactly the right attitude. Sometimes it's really hard for women to feel comfortable in our own skin. I'm still working on it! :)