Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What Housework?

You won't believe this but I didn't do any housework all last week. I know, I'm so bad! And I'm the neat freak around here! The boys were on March Break, and I thought why can't I just relax for a change. Yes, mommy took a vacation! I slept in. I didn't rush to cook meals. I let the laundry pile up. I didn't even vacuum. But I read my book, watched movies, enjoyed the fine weather and even had ice cream! Ah, life is good!

Not until, I started sneezing. Incessantly. Oh, those dust bunnies! Isn't the air purifier on? Do I really need to go back to my housekeeping ways? I don't want to look at the boys' room. I guess it's time for a major house cleaning!

I vacuumed upstairs, and downstairs in every room. I scrubbed the sinks, bathtub and started a load of laundry. I changed bed sheets, and cleared away clutter. One week of mess became an hour and half clean-up.

Was it all worth it? You bet!


  1. I seem to go in streaks - based on how caught up on other things I am. See! It's actually a good sign I have a new blog post for this week - LOL:)

    And I did spend quite a bit of time catching up on the housework, just in the nick of time - the dog hair was becoming preeeetty visible . . .


  2. Definitely worth it!! Good for you for taking a little (much needed) break! :)

  3. Everyone needs a break from the daily grind sometimes! Nothing is better than relaxing with a good book! I found you on Lady Bloggers Society, and look forward to reading more! Great blog, and following now. ;)


  4. Good for you! That is the way to live, and appreciate what we all have, to just take a break from it sometimes. Well done!

  5. You deserve it...We just have to remind ourselves that it is ok to take a break sometimes too!