Friday, April 30, 2010

A Blast From the Past

Do you remember Duran Duran, Madonna, Twisted Sister, Simple Minds and Depeche Mode? If you don't recall any of these artists, you didn't grow up in the eighties. I must say it was quite an exciting time for music in general - you could listen to new wave, punk rock, pop, rock and heavy metal. There were even vinyl records, walkmans (a portable cassette player) and the launch of music videos. Back then, the girls wore tube skirts, blazers, bangles, brooches, and had big, teased hair! We swooned over Johnny Depp in 21 Jump Street, and flocked to the movie theatres, and watched The Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink. Ah, good times!

Recently, my kids found my 80's play list on the computer, and started listening to the songs in my collection. Soon enough they were belting out tunes from U2! And at bedtime, they would request to play 38 Special's, "The Boys are Back in Town". Huh? How did you know that song? Oh my, it's a blast from the past! I can't believe my boys are actually embracing the music I listened to when I was sixteen. But what can I say, my kids rock! They know a good song when they hear one - even if it's from the eighties!

What do you remember from the 80's?


  1. I was so excited last week when Glee did thier Madonna episode. What a great flashback! Several of her early songs, and two were mashed together. The music from the 80's was really the best !

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    I remember the 80's I got married in 82 at the age of 15

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  4. Yep, i remember all those songs :)
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  5. oh that was when music was good! I miss those days :)
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  6. Did you ever watch "Rockstar INXS" on tv? We did with our kids and were shocked and very pleased when they asked about the music. My husband pulled out our record player and found our albums and we played the music. Our boys have now collected most of the cd's or have downloaded most of the music that we listened to back in the 80's!
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  7. A couple of years ago, my daughter's dance recital had an 80's theme. She kept asking me how I knew all of the songs! So funny! I also remember Frankie Goes to Hollywood, neon colors and those rubber bracelets! What about the swatch watches! Remember how they smelled?

  8. Yes, I remember all those! When all that happened with Bret Michaels, I got out my Poison cd....LOVE THEM! My kids are now singing my old tunes as well. THANK YOU GUITAR HERO!