Wednesday, April 14, 2010


When your ten year old son hangs around you; it's nice to know he enjoys your company.

Lately, A.R has been spending a lot of time with me. If I'm at my desk, he'll be sitting in my husband's chair, playing Nintendo. If I'm watching a movie, he'll be snuggled next to me. If I'm reading, he'll be close by.

I can't believe this is from someone who didn't want to hold my hand, give me a hug and a kiss in public! He's content to be with the boys - his father and younger brother. And talk about animation, Roblox, and the latest toys and gadgets.

Nowadays, A.R is more open and affectionate. He tells me about his day at school, asks me to play Nintendo, and to listen to him play guitar. Oh, I must be dreaming!

Does this mean I'm cool again?

I hope so.

In a few more years, he'll be a teenager. I don't even want to know what I'll be then.


  1. How sweet is that? I say you better cherish these moments. I am sure once the teen age comes on, it is all over. I dread those days.

  2. My oldest ds is 11 and he still will come up to me out of the blue and just give me a hug or kiss. I know that will be ending soon so I take what I can get now! :)

  3. I raised two sons to be loving individuals and they still give me hugs and always an "Love you Mom" when I see them. Sounds like you are raising one too.

  4. I am following you from MBC