Friday, April 9, 2010


I thought I'd try something different today. Instead of writing a piece about the funny expressions my family and I use every day. I thought it would be fun to combine it with the posts I've written in the last few months. Here's what I came up with:

My husband is an easy going person but he's known for saying, "I don't like it." Whether we're going on vacation, watching a movie or having dinner. If there is something he dislikes, he'll let you know right away. When I posted The Tough Guy, what do you think he said to me?

My family always tease me with "Please go away!" I said this repeatedly on our first camping trip; during a wicked thunderstorm. Now, I'd definitely say this to some of my old classmates in  Did You Find Me?.  However, my husband would agree that I drive him nuts when I ask, "What's for Lunch?".

On countless occasions, I hear my ten year old boy use the word, "FAIL!" especially while playing computer games. Read  Brotherly Love, and you'll know why!

And if there is one member of our family who makes us smile; it would be our youngest son, J.P. He's the happy-go-lucky kid; and to him every day is " The Best Day of My Life!"

Hope you enjoyed this post!

~ Have a great Friday!


  1. What a great way to tie in your posts!
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  2. Yay for J.P. and his positive attitude! Gotta love it!

    Have a great Friday and a fabulous weekend!

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  4. I really like that your youngest says it's the best day of his life- everyday. My little guy hugs me and says "I'm happy". Makes my heart melt. Thanks for the follow. Following you back.

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  9. Oh so sweet that your babe has such a positve out look for every day! We should all strive to feel that way!

  10. Wow what a kid to say it is the best day of his life - that is so cool!!!