Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Good Wife

"I hope you take care of me when I'm old."

These were the words my husband uttered when he walked through the front door last Thursday. Really? I was thinking the same thing.

"I don't feel good."

This is followed by a series of low moans, and groans. Ah, yet another revelation, and with such vivid detail. What happened now? Did he fall and hurt his back again?

"I'm think I'm sick."

At this point, I check his temperature. He has a high fever. I tell my husband to take Tylenol, change his clothes, lie down and rest. I find him minutes later on the bed, fully clothed, under a heavy blanket. Definitely not the way to bring down a fever. He knows this but when he's sick, he's like a sick puppy. I scold him; change his clothes, and remove the heavy blanket, and replace it with a lighter one. He began to shiver, and grabbed the heavy blanket to cover himself.

"Why are you bothering me? Just leave me alone!"

Huh? Didn't you want me to take care of you?

Oh, he's so stubborn. Arggh!

I pick my battles. I know he's not feeling well. I leave him in peace.

A few hours later, his fever breaks and he's in a better mood. My husband says, "You'll take care of me when I'm old, right?" I don't give him an answer.

The truth is, I try to be a good wife, and mother. I love my husband dearly, and he knows I'm there for him if he needs me.

But he's not exactly old yet.


  1. My husband is a total baby when he's sick. He'd never make through a pregnancy!! ha ha! My mil told me that she used to sleep on the floor of their bedroom when they were sick. NO WONDER!

  2. Look at you with over 200 Followers! My husband is a big baby when he doesn't feel well. It amuses me greatly!

  3. Glad he is doing better. It would drive me bonkers if my hubs asked me to take care of him then didn't follow a single thing I told him though! Men.

  4. My husband never wants anything when he is sick except to be left alone.
    He's already let me know if I end up in a nursing home, he will not be there to see me. He means it. It was very upsetting to him to see his grandmother at the end. He doesn't do hospitals or nursing homes. I guess he would not expect me to be there either but I would be. Not that I am any saint or anything, just that I am used to hospitals and the sick.

  5. That was funny! My husband is the BIGGEST baby when he is sick and very stubborn too. I hope he is better now and didn't get anyone else sick.

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  8. My hubby is such a baby when he is sick, but I have to admit, he is much better at taking care of me than I am of taking care of him.

  9. Oh, that's so sweet you have a thoughtful husband!