Monday, April 26, 2010

The Life of the Party

On Saturday, we attended my aunt's 70th birthday party, and it was a lovely family affair. There were heartfelt speeches, lively entertainment, lots of food and of course, dancing!  

I'm usually the first one to drag my husband to dance but now, I take pleasure in watching my boys burn up the dance floor. They were rockin', poppin' and groovin' to the music. Where did they learn these moves?

A small, festive crowd gathered around J.P, and cheered him on. He was the life of the party. And you can see the joy on his face when he strutted here, and swayed there. It was so amusing and entertaining for the adults to watch all the kids dancing

We had to give the little guy a break now and then; kept him hydrated with juice, and water. And we gave him a plate of fruits to boost his energy! Unfortunately, I was feeling under the weather, and couldn't keep up with him. I asked my husband if we could leave the party early.

So, before midnight, I told the boys we were leaving soon. They put on their jackets while dancing! Didn't they have enough yet? We let them frolic one last time, and then finally said our goodbyes. On the way home, J.P was fast asleep in the back seat. We chuckled at the very sight of him snoozing away. This little dancer was exhausted. Too tired to take off his shoes, brush his teeth, and change his clothes.

When's the next party? Bedtime was amazing!


  1. That sounds like one rockin' party!!!

  2. I am amazed at children's energy!. Your young one sounds like he has plenty!

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  3. Sounds like they had a great time. Following back from Friday Follow.

  4. Before age 6 Emily would dance the night away at every wedding we would go to. It was so much fun! Then she got shy :-(

  5. Those are great times and memories! It's also fun when they are teens. My gosh the way those kids move!

  6. Sounds like a great way to celebrate! Amazing when our kids create their own dance moves. I know I can't keep up with my girls:)