Friday, April 16, 2010

Sweet Talk

If the boys can't get what they want, they know who to turn to. And whenever my husband returns home from work, the boys jump for joy at the very sight of him. It doesn't take long to work their magic. Here's J.P in action:

"I missed you daddy."

"Aww..I missed you too."

"Daddy, can I have some ice cream?"

"Did you have dinner yet? Why don't you go and ask mommy?"

"I don't want to. I'm asking you!"

J.P is clever to ask his father because he knows exactly what I'm going to say. There is more persuading, light elbowing and nodding from my husband.

"Tell her she's beautiful. Tell her how much you love her. Why not give mommy a kiss?"

You think this sweet talk is going to win me over. Think again.

From the kitchen, I tell them dinner is almost ready. I inform J.P that he can have ice cream after his meal. He is elated, and races off to wash his hands.

My husband walks over, embraces me, and asks, "Can I have ice cream?"

"No, we're going to eat soon."

"C'mon, please! You know I love you...I'll give you a massage."


Sometimes, it takes more than sweet talk to win me over.


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  2. hehehe. my husband can Anything he wants for a massage :)

  3. Sometimes you gotta lose some to win some. It sounds like you were the definite winner here! That sounded like a pretty fair trade for him getting ice cream before dinner:) I am a new follower from FF!

  4. Yes, a massage will get you a lot of places in this house too!

  5. Oh yes, the massage ...with no strings...I will do almost anything for one of those:)

  6. Same here, the massage usually wins out.
    Happy FF, following you back.

    Have a great weekend.

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  8. ohhhhh yes, my husband knows that too. hahhaa

    great blog