Friday, May 7, 2010

The Big Brother

All week J.P has been waiting for his brother to come home from school. And yesterday he was excited as ever; bouncing off the walls, pacing back and forth, and looking out the window for the school bus. Why is he so hyper? Is it the warm weather? What is going on? As soon as the bus arrives, J.P races downstairs to greet his brother at the front door.

"Did you get it?"

"Uh-huh. Here's your Ben 10 book that you wanted!"

J.P is ecstatic, and showers his older brother with hugs and kisses. My husband and I praise A.R's thoughtfulness, and tell him he's such a good big brother. Apparently, he used his birthday money to buy the animated series book from the school book fair. Isn't that sweet of him?

We often remind A.R of his role in the family; that being the eldest, his responsibility is to watch out for his little brother, and to be there for him. But this is the first time, he actually did something so considerate for J.P.

I think it's finally sinking in - A.R is beginning to understand what it means to be a big brother. And that makes us very happy.

It certainly made the little guy's day - he couldn't even put down his new book!


  1. awww see that is so sweet!! i love when the twins do sweet things for their baby brother! means we are doing something right as parents :)

  2. Hi, stopping in from the Friday Follow. Loved this post - my older son has started doing thoughtful things for his little sister and it makes my heart soar! Following you now!

  3. That's great! Good job at being a great mother! Following you from Friday follow!

  4. That was so nice of him! What a good story for this Friday! :) Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Mother's Day too!! :)

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  5. awwww...that must make you feel so good as a mother to see your child help your other child :)

  6. I hope my kids love reading like that too! Good job momma!

  7. Thanks for the positive story!

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  8. Oh, that made me happy! It brought back memories of our daughter buying her little brother a book from HER book fair many,many years ago. I had a big smile on my face reading this!

    Now following by the way, and Happy Mother's Day!

  9. That is so sweet! My oldest son was always looking out for his younger brother and getting him things and treats. They will be best buds. :)

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  11. That's awesome! Hopefully little brother is not required to work that book off by cleaning big brothers room or something, lol. just kidding. :o)

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  13. OK that is just the sweetest! My daughter LOVES being the big sister and she gets our 2 yr old to do the darnest things that even I can't! Here's to big brothers and sisters everywheere!!!

    Happy Mother's Day!!!