Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pass the Tomato Guts

When it's mealtime, you'll always find a bottle of sauce on the table.

You see, I cook a simple meal. It's not bland or salty. I just can't have spicy foods.

I'm not really into sauces but my husband likes to spice up certain dishes. So, the pantry must be stocked with an assortment of his favourite sauces - plum, barbeque, hot, rib and soy sauce. It seems whatever is on the menu, there has to be a sauce!

My boys are beginning to like the variety of dressings.

And to make dinner exciting; instead of asking for ketchup, my boys will say, "Pass the tomato guts, please!" I must say they have a wild imagination!

If the condiments are running low; I'll hear nothing but slapping, and squeezing of the bottle until every last ounce comes out!

Usually, it splatters and spills all over.

When there are chicken nuggets and fries to dip in a honey mustard sauce, there's nothing but a mess; stains and more laundry!

But that's okay, I like to add more flavour every now and then.

Besides, who wants to eat a boring meal anyway?


  1. I have never heard ketchup called that. Too funny and just like guys. It certainly sounds a lot spicier, I have to agree.

  2. I'm not a big sauce person myself. I'm down with soy sauce, but I'm not so into anything spicy. Unless of course you're referring to "hitting the sauce" because then I'm your gal ;)

  3. Mmmm, I love honey mustard. Fried chicken and french fries, my favorites!!

  4. Sauces and dressings are the best :)

    Tenny @ Simply A Mom

  5. hahaha. I have a very sensitive palette too. Even mild flavors I find too spicy. My husband is the king of spicy. He has a collection of hot sauces that have warnings on the label of possible side effects.

  6. My oldest is really into pepper right now. I think it is because she thinks it is very "adult" to put pepper on everything :-)

  7. that's funny, tomato guts, lol.

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  9. Well, Amen to that one! Happy Friday Follow - I'm your latest follower. Hope you can do the same.