Monday, May 31, 2010

Random Thoughts

I just realized with all the social networks that I've joined, I have one too many passwords! Sometimes, I get them mixed up, or I don't remember them at all and then I create new ones. To keep them safe, would I need a password too?

I love comments. I mean who doesn't. However, I get turned off when you visit a site, and you leave comments all the time but you never hear from the author. It's nice when someone returns the favor, takes the time to read your post, and leave a thoughtful response.

It's almost June, and I know Mr. O will be on vacation soon. He likes to torment me with secrecy. One day, he'll be home, and say, "I'm on vacation." Oh, really? I think he's trying to avoid errands, renovations, and plans all together.

My youngest son, J.P loves to give out hugs - especially to the crossing guard near his school. He gives her a hug every single day. Last week, she surprised him with a batch of brownies. Isn't that sweet?

On Friday's post, I mentioned that my blog is my own little space; my world. You bet it is! I switched to my own custom domain. Yay! So, I'll definitely be here for a while.


  1. Yeah, I have one too many passwords too! I kept all of them in an Excel file which is also locked by a password (one that I definitely will not forget! :P)

    As for the commenting, yeah, I used to reply each and every one of the comments I get but it gets tiring and most of the commenters never come back anyway... so nowadays, I put a note in my comment box asking them to leave their URL if they want me to visit them back :)

  2. Awesome on the domain name! I've been thinking about it. Glad your going to keep going! I like reading your blog!

  3. I love that the crossing guard had something special for him. I love hugs.

  4. Everybody has too many passwords.LOL

    Of course that's better than not enough. I use a free password manager to keep track of mine. And it has it's own pass phrase to open it. It really helps when I haven't visited a site for a while and can't figure out what password I was using.

    I'm getting old. I'm blaming senility.

  5. Do you use a different password for every account??? I just two...but mostly just someday when my identity is stolen I'll remember this post and say, 'you sould have had more than two passwords.'

    Hooray for crossing guards who give brownies!

  6. Congrats!!!! Next stop wordpress :-)

    I write my passwords down but then I forget where I put them!

  7. I usually try to keep all my passwords the same with just a variation of a number or two. It gets way too confusing with different passwords! LOL!

    And I'm a big blog lover. I try to get back to visit those who comment on my blog -- it may take me awhile, but I do get there eventually!

  8. Your son JP has inspired me! Maybe I won't hug the crossing guard (I'm a little too old for that), but I'll show some act of kindness in JP's honor!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. My latest posts are “The Power” and “The Triumphant Heart.”


  9. Oh all the passwords - I TOTALLY agree! ps. I wish hugs always meant brownies mmmm!