Monday, May 3, 2010

Spring Flowers

The skies cleared up when I took J.P to school this morning. And seeing my lilacs getting a little sun made me very happy. What a lovely way to start off the day...

This is my favourite time of year when the crab apple tree blooms. Look at these deep pink flowers!

I'll be tending the garden, and spring cleaning this week so I'll be quite busy. Hope to post more gardening pictures soon!

Happy Monday!


  1. Such beautiful flowers! The constant changing weather around here has not made my flowers happy. Hopefully we'll get some sun soon!

  2. Starting to see the blossoms in my neighborhood. The flowering cherries are coming on in my front yard and they are my favorite :) Maybe Spring is finally Springing :)


  3. Makes me want to get out there with my camera!!

  4. Beautiful! LIlacs are one of my favorites even though the cause me grief with my allergies. LOVE THEM!

  5. What gorgeous photos! I'm returning the visit (and the follow!). Have a terrific Mothers' Day, and enjoy the monkey bread if you decide to make a batch. :)

  6. Gorgeous pics! I can't wait for days like that to return, I'm getting bored of all this wind and rain!