Friday, May 14, 2010

Spring Make Over

Before the school year, I bought the boys school supplies, and a pair of new running shoes. I was thinking, and hoping the footwear would last a good six months.

I was wrong.

A month later, A.R told me his shoes were worn out. Even J.P's shoes were looking shabby. What? It's brand new! I looked at their footwear again, and luckily, it was still in good condition.

I refused to buy them a new pair. They'd have to learn how to take care of their belongings.

However,  I soon discovered that socks, jeans, spring jackets and baseball hats don't last very long either.


What the heck do these boys do during recess?

My kids need a spring make over! And a haircut.

So, later we're off shopping for some new shoes, and a new wardrobe. And hopefully, it will last until the end of the school year.


  1. Stopping by from FF to say hello and to follow you. I've got one son and I totally understand your frustration. Last winter he "grew" so fast his pants didn't even last the season!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) I think you'll be buying shoes every few months from now until the time they're in high school!

  3. I'm stopping by from Friday Follow - I have 3 boys (they are all still little - the oldest is 4) and I can only imagine how tough they are going to be on their clothes!

    Good luck with the shopping!

  4. Thanks for the follow at beachmonkeys! Look forward to following you!!

  5. I am already a follower! I love your blog! Feel free to stop by my blog and enter some fun handmade giveaways!
    Happy Friday! Hope to Blog with you again soon!

  6. I was typing and my comment went away!! Oh No!

  7. OH I know!!!!!!! We have 19 more days - mine wants a new jacket, but it can wait 19 days!!! Th

  8. Lucky little ones. Can I have a Spring Makeover too mommy?! LOL.

  9. Happy Friday. I'm your latest follower. Thanks for following me.

  10. I agree with Danielle--I need a new spring makeover too!

    Love reading your stories about life with boys---definitely what I have to look forward to!

  11. Isn't it crazy how many pairs of shoes kids go through?????????