Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Daddy's Home

On Monday morning, my husband told me he was on vacation.
What a surprise!

He had been tight-lipped on the subject for weeks. He's such a silly guy!

But I was determined to get an answer.

I made several inquiries but heard nothing. Eventually I resorted to nagging. And within minutes, he finally succumbed to my queries.

I was thrilled, and joked that I was on holidays too.

Of course, Mr.O wasn't impressed with my antics; he even looked worried as I made plans for the week. I just couldn't help myself!

I'm not usually a Monday person but I can say there was a bounce in my step when I hurried to wake up the boys, make breakfast and pack lunches.

Mr.O stayed in bed, but sadly, his slumber was short-lived.

Over breakfast, I told the boys the good news.

J.P shouted, "Yay! Daddy can take me to school!"
And so, for the past few days my husband has been wonderful seeing the kids off to school; and being available for errands. It may not be his ideal vacation but he knows it's a time we always look forward to.

What else can I say?

My boys love it when their daddy's home. And so do I.


  1. Oh yes, it's so great when Daddy's around! Have a great week together!

  2. My husband is in sales so he doesn't take vacations :-(. However he takes as many days off as her wants when he needs to, or can work from home or come home early which is nice.


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