Friday, July 23, 2010

Shop Till You Drop

My shopping excursion did last three hours. I was worried that I needed more time, or perhaps, needed another day to find the perfect dress. In fact, Mr. O didn't believe that I would find nor purchase one under a hundred dollars.

I scoffed at him, and reassured him that I would. If there's one thing I like about shopping; it's finding a good deal.

You see, when I go shopping I always have a budget and I always know what I'm looking for.

It didn't take long to pick out a dress. I chose a simple yet elegant cocktail dress. Initially, the dress was over a hundred but it was slashed down to sixty dollars.

However, when I bought the dress, it was a whopping thirty-five dollars!!! Don't you just love a great buy?

And how did Mr. O do with his shopping? He needed black dress pants. Should he choose wrinkle resistant or flexible waist-line?

I giggled as I watched him make difficult decisions! 

I can see why men bring their wives shopping for clothes. The men's fitting room looked like a fashion show as husbands displayed new outfits for their wives! What a sight to see!

Finally, Mr. O decided on the flexible waist-line; he opted for comfort.

When we arrived home, he confessed that shopping was tiring; and that he was worn out making all those decisions. He crashed on the bed and slept for four hours!

For him, it was a day of shop till you drop!

And just a note, his pants cost more than my dress.


  1. Haha, sometimes guys have a harder time making a decision than we do!!

    New follower from FF! :)

  2. Woop woop to bargain shopping! My husband takes longer to shop than me. It takes forever for him to try on clothes and make decisions. It's ridiculous!!!

  3. Hehehe...that is so funny! My husband is quick with his shopping. In and out. Just like that. I like taking my time and doing it by myself! Tried taking the hubs shopping with me and I felt like I had a bodygard!
    Nice to hear you found the perfect dress!! Are you gonna let us see it?! XD

  4. I do all of my hubs clothes shopping. He has more clothes than I do. It's just not fair!

    Found you on Friday Follow Me.

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  6. I like the pant story on your husband. I never thought they had this option now. I would have picked also the comfort. Hopefully the pants won't require too much of your time to iron, unless he will be the one who iron them...

  7. Hi Melanie!

    Hope you're having a great summer, pls. stop by for my latest inspirational messages!