Friday, August 20, 2010

Little Helpers

"I'm bored."

A monotonous refrain I hear every now and then.

It's tough being a kid, huh?

Playing for hours - all day long.

But believe me, it's not all about summer fun and games.

In fact, I've been keeping my boys busy - doing chores.

Every day, A.R has to practice guitar for an hour.

When I do laundry, they fold and put their clothes away.

J.P likes to set the table for meals; he's always happy to lend a helping hand.

A.R washes the dishes once in awhile; takes out the garbage and green bin.

And he even likes to make mango juice.

It's so easy to stir juice concentrate and three cups of water!

"Who wants pancakes for breakfast? Who wants to mix the batter?"


Oh, I just love little helpers in the kitchen!


  1. My boys can be great helpers too! :)

  2. This is such a healthy attitude!

  3. Yes...those little helpers add fun to all those boring chores, I bet!!! Stopping by from SITS...I have one kid, but can relate to all your posts...

  4. It's great to get them involved early, even better if they are enjoying it.

  5. Great idea to train them early when they think its FUN! Later on hopefully they'll help or at least clean up after themselves out of habit.

    Kudos to you to have the patience with little helpers!

  6. I have to agree that little helpers are wonderful. This is the first year that Emily has asked to help out more or she has just done stuff without asking. It is like she finally understands that her help makes a difference and we can play sooner if the chores get done. It has been a dream come true!!!!

  7. Great training for your little boys. :)