Monday, August 16, 2010

A Sleepover

For the first time I had a peaceful sleep.

Oh, it was divine!

And how did I obtain such a heavenly slumber?

I had the boys sleepover their cousins' house.

But the sad part about it was the fact they no longer miss us.

Before we left, J.P confronted me and said, "You're still here?"

"What? You're kicking me out already!"

"When are you leaving?"

"Don't worry, soon." Sigh.

Did you hear my heart break in a million pieces?

There you have it, my little boy no longer needs his mama.


  1. That always hurts. So far for me, it never stops from ouching just a little!

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  3. Ouch!

    But I believe that our kids never really stop needing us -- they just won't admit it! (And I'm sticking to that!)


  4. The boys are enjoying with friends for the time being. I am glad you are teaching them to be independent. They will miss home soon. After all, there is no place like home. :)

  5. Oh, you poor woman!! At least you got a good sleep out of it right :)