Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer Days

It's the last week of summer vacation for the boys.

And we're having so much fun. 


Yesterday, we spent a picture perfect day at the beach. 

It was hot and sunny - with a cool, light breeze.

Mr.O brought the small inflatable boat, and the boys paddled; relaxed and soaked up the sun.

And each time, J.P tried to get back on the boat, his wet, soggy swim trunks kept slipping off his bottom.

It was a hilarious sight to see!

All day, we swam, splashed, laughed and played in the water.

And Mr.O kept saying it was a such beautiful day for swim.


There's even talk of a long weekend trip.

I'm sure the boys won't mind another getaway; sadly, their summer days are numbered.
They would do just about anything - other than going back to school!


  1. Enjoy your last summer days! Our kids went back last week. So sad!

  2. Summer is a welcome treat to your boys. They will have some memories to treasure for the 2010 summer. I am glad you are having a great fun with them. :)

  3. It is the last week for us too. We are trying to pack it all in and not remember that in one week it is over and homework, practices, etc begin :-(

    Today is the last time Emily comes to the grocery store with me until Christmas Break :-(