Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Please Don't Photo Tag Me

You've probably seen the trailer, or heard about the movie The Social Network. On Friday, it will be released in theatres and with that in mind, I'm looking forward to watching it. I enjoy Facebook, it definitely has its perks. First, I can keep in touch with my family, and second, I can get reconnected with old friends. However, I've stated in my post last February; that I like my privacy. Only my immediate family and very close friends can see family pictures. And if there is one thing that I'm not too crazy about; it's getting photo tagged!

I know I can't control what a person can post on his/her profile but if you add me - whatever you do, please don't photo tag me!

A weekend at the Toronto International Film Festival resulted in some serious photo tagging! My brother likes to take pictures from his Blackberry and send it directly to Facebook. Can you believe I've been tagged before I even arrive home?! And last Saturday, it was my mother-in-law's 70th birthday party. Guess what my relatives did?

Oh, you guessed right!!!

No matter how I set my profile settings....I've been tagged.


~ Check out The Social Network.


  1. LOL, that is one thing so true about Facebook.. Hahahahah.. I had the same issue too and it takes a long while for those who love tagging to get the words 'Please Don't Tag Me in your photos' into their head.. ;)

  2. My dear Melanie, :) I am here again because I have something for you.. Here is where your surprise is.. An award for you, which I think you truly deserve it.. So yeah, here is the direct link..