Friday, September 17, 2010

The Writer

On Tuesday, I attended J.P's school for BBQ/Meet the Teacher Night. I was exhausted; still recovering from my whirlwind at TIFF. Somehow, I found it odd to be going to school in the evening - especially after gallivanting to red carpet events during the film festival. We arrived just before 6:00pm; skipped the barbeque, and went directly to J.P's classroom.

As we waited in the hallway, I admired my son's work that was displayed outside his class. It was an All About Me board, and each student had to answer personal questions - what they like to do, who were their best friends etc. I noticed J.P had good spelling, and his answers were lengthy and descriptive. I was glad I made my boys write in a journal over the summer holidays; a little writing certainly paid off!

His teacher walked in and welcomed us in the classroom. J.P proudly showed me around, excited that I was there to see his desk, his peers and his school work. I spoke with his teacher briefly, and she immediately said, "Oh, your son is quite the writer." I was so pleased, and happy to hear that, and she suggested that I take a look at his work. J.P took out his notebook, and I began to read one of his entries:

"On Saturday, mommy went to take pictures of the stars...."

Oh dear.

My mouth dropped open. And I laughed so hard.

"Mommy, what's so funny?"

"Nothing. I love your writing."

On the way home, I encouraged him to keep reading, and writing. He can only get better - except next time, I won't tell him where I'm going.


  1. LOL.. Well, in that case, maybe he might be writing, 'mommy is not telling me where she is going now....' ;) hehehehhe

  2. :) Dropping by to say Good Morning and a *hug*.. Added you to my list of Journeying in Tingvine.. Let us journey together.. :)

  3. Hahaha! At least your boy is honest. He writes the truth. A future news journalist. :)