Monday, October 18, 2010

Release Your Inner Geek

"You're such a geek!"

Mr. O is amused as I sit and watch The Big Bang Theory. For those who are not familiar with The Big Bang Theory - it's a hilarious sitcom of a group of friends, who happen to be geniuses but who are inept in social circles especially when it comes to women. The show is witty, fresh and brilliant.

"I am not!"

Mr.O nods and reassures me that I am. He says I engage in social media, points out that I'm a news junkie, and I toy with gadgets and gizmos. Honestly, I'm just trying to keep up with the times. I have no intention of being nerdy.

We live in a fast-paced world -  computers, smartphones, mp3 players, and video games. It's astounding how fast you can receive information and how everything can go viral these days.

As a mother of two boys of Generation Z (those born 1991-2000s who have never known a world without computers, internet, etc.); I'm trying to teach them good values, balance and hard work. Parenting is difficult enough but to raise them when there are so many distractions! What a challenge!

Call me what you want.

But first, let me help you set up your iPod, guide you on Facebook, and show you how to text.

Release your inner geek!

Embrace it.



  1. LOL.. Interesting and well-said.. Yep.. It is hard for them to imagine what's world like without computer and all the different 'pod'... ;)

  2. Parenting is a vocation. I have never been a mom but I know how complex it could be especially for growing children. I am proud of myself for being a friend to a Super Mom. Hats off for you. ♥

  3. Well - for the rest of us, thank goodness kids only need our help with games (computer and wii) the first few minutes or so. :)

    I'm the one to fix our computers in our house, and I do alright, but I don't even remotely keep up on news or gadgets (no cell, even).

    And I much prefer blogs to facebook!! :)

  4. Jolly - That is so sweet. Thank you! :)

  5. Melanie
    We all have an inner geek - especially me.
    Life is abour extremes... computing and all that technical stuff and communicating with people.

    All that technical stuff can be learnt, but communicating with people... no way!
    You need to be a woman to do that. LOL