Friday, November 26, 2010

The Christmas Tree

"Mommy, the neighbours put up their Christmas lights and decorations. When are we going to put up the tree?"

Good question.

"Are we going to the Santa Claus parade? Are we going to watch Elf later?"

I told J.P that I'm wasn't feeling well but when I feel better, I promised we'd decorate the house.

In the evening, he inquired again, only to be given the same answer.

I thought watching a holiday movie would soften his disappointment. Instead, it made him hopeful that I would change my mind.

On Monday, when I took J.P to school, he pointed at all the houses that were decked out in Christmas decor. I just smiled and nodded as we walked along.

And can you believe the same question was uttered every morning and night? Is this kid persistent or what?

"When are we going to put up the Christmas tree?"

Oh dear.
I couldn't rest all week. Let alone think. I've been going crazy! It's difficult to get in the holiday spirit especially when you're under the weather.

Finally, I took out the decorations, ornaments and of course, the beloved Christmas tree. The boys were excited and eager to help. My little elves were fast at work!

When the tree was up, lit and embellished with all the trimmings, it was a magical sight to see.

"Are you happy now, J.P?"

"Yes, mommy. Thank you!"


  1. Kids have simple desire. Set up the Christmas tree to feel the spirit of Christmas. Nice Christmas tree!

    I thought it is only in the Philippines we set up Christmas décor as early as the 1st week of December. I visited the blog of an American blogger friend in Michigan. They too, had their Christmas tree already set up. It is nice to know Christmas is the most anticipated Holiday all over the world. ♥

  2. Children are in the 'flow' of life, what we see as work and maybe too soon, they see the joy and anticipation of the promise of peace and joy on earth.

    Lovely tree,


  3. That is so sweet... :) I hadn't managed to pull myself for any decoration yet so your post really warmed my heart knowing that you 'make' it.. :)

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  5. We decorated the tree this past weekend, but it has been too cold and snowy here to get most of the outdoor decorating done. If my daughter doesn't push the issue, I might not bother with anything else.