Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Life Lessons

"Don't forget your jacket, your lunch, your hat."

These are some of the daily reminders I give my son before he heads off to school. Lately, I've had several talks with him about taking care of his belongings, and being more responsible. A.R knows that I'm not impressed with him whenever he comes home to tell me he lost his school agenda, his gloves or his hat.

Yesterday, I received a phone call from his school. It was the vice principal, and she told me not to be alarmed, that there wasn't any trouble with my son - she just wanted to tell me about an incident that occurred during lunchtime. Apparently, a few of A.R's classmates were playing around with his beloved hat, and whenever he tried to retrieve it, they wouldn't let him have it. When one of his friends tried to help get the hat back, it resulted in a tug-of-war scenario, and the hat ripped apart.

A.R was very upset. His classmates were apologetic, and said he could easily replace it with another one.

He tearfully said it was a gift from his grandmother; a souvenir from the Philippines. It was more than just a hat to him; it had sentimental value.

The vice principal spoke to A.R and asked what happened. He recounted the story and noted the hat was important to him. His classmates felt badly for what they had done, and suggested that the hat should be repaired; and should be sent to a seamstress. And that they will each contribute to pay for the service.

I thought it was a thoughtful and nice gesture on behalf of his classmates. I hope this will be a life lesson for all them; however, small the token, it certainly meant so much more.


  1. Aw, that's so sad, but I'm glad the boys thought to help him fix it and even pay for it. That makes me happy.

  2. That is wonderful that they are handling it so well. I'm sad it happened but I do think it will be a good lesson.