Friday, November 5, 2010

A Little Dose of Music

There's nothing better than hearing Here Comes The Sun on a cold, and rainy day. Luckily, the boys have no school today; and we're having a lazy, cozy morning. A.R is strumming the blues on his guitar - last night, he came down with a fever so it must be disappointing to spend his day bedridden. However, a little dose of Tears in Heaven, Blackbird, Time of Your Life, and More Than Words can do wonders. I love hearing music being played inside the house, and I especially love when my boys sing! This week, A.R announced he joined the school choir and he came home with a folder of Christmas songs. What do you think we did on a Wednesday night?

You bet.

We sang to our heart's content. Imagine what we'll do today. Hmm.

~ Have a great weekend!


  1. I love a good rainy day of snuggling with the girls. Combine that with Christmas Music and that is bliss!

  2. that is the perfect feeling for a proud mom to enjoy with their children. I am also music lover, but I like to listen old melodious and slow songs, while my children used to make fun of them, so I usually don't have the nice experience like you .

  3. Nice post . I love rainy day with the old men . combine that with Christmas songs . We are enjoy very well . But i like to listen slow songs. You have a great and nice experience.