Monday, December 13, 2010

12 Days Till Christmas

It's mid-December, and we've already had our annual family Christmas get-together. Every year, we see our relatives from my mother's side, and celebrate the holidays. It's a wonderful evening filled with prayers, food, music and laughter. I don't see my dear cousins that often so spending time with them is special. I always look forward to watching the kids' talent show each time - the little ones perform the hula, dance, sing carols or showcase their yo-yo skills.

Moreover, it's also a time when Mr. O takes his vacation. We attended J.P's Christmas school concert last week; another enjoyable occasion. Once again, J.P was excited and exclaimed he didn't want us to miss this joyous event! Somehow the days leading up to Christmas is so much worthwhile when Mr. O is home.

And the festive season isn't complete without the holiday baking. The homemade muffins and cookies didn't last the weekend. How many batches will I have to make next time?!

So, with 12 days till Christmas, there is still lots to do! I have yet to finish my shopping! Not to mention the gift wrapping, and the Christmas cards I have to write.

I guess it's that time of year. Am I feeling stressed? Let's just say I'm taking it all in stride.

'Tis the season to be jolly.



  1. I love that the kids do a talent show, what a great idea!! Sounds like you are right in the holiday spirit :)

  2. You need to chill out, less stress, deep breaths lol. Christmas will be fine.

  3. I guessed it is all the 'stress' that shed light to the joy of this season.. ;)
    Smile and take everything as it is, yeah?
    By the way, just want to share with you, every year, this is always a Christmas carol ringing in my head whenever this season is here.. And this year, I dont know why but the first time, the carol, '12 Days to Christmas' keeps ringing in my head and I wonder why.. lol.. last year was 'Silent Night' though..

  4. I have the same feeling every Christmas. I am glad Christmas happens only once a year. :)