Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Wishes

The kids are home for the holidays, and already the mayhem has begun.

"Mommy, just f0ur more days!"

It's no surprise that little ones are counting down the days.

"Can I open my gifts now?"

"No! What would you open on Christmas day?"

I settle for one gift on Christmas eve, and my little boy gushes in delight. I'm trying to play down the big day; trying to teach them that it's not all about receiving presents. Why do we celebrate? What is the true meaning of Christmas?

And to my amazement, the boys answer it's the day when Jesus was born; and the season of giving.

At the annual family gathering a few weeks ago, my brother asked me, "What does Christmas mean to you?"

I was taken aback since he had a video camera in front of my face, and I replied, "Family. Good times, and baking!"

As he slowly moved around the room, asking the same question to each person, everyone acknowleged family.

So with that in mind, I'd like to wish all of you many blessings, love, peace and joy this holiday season. And may the spirit of Christmas fill your hearts, and homes.

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  1. True enough Christmas is for our family. I believed that is the reason why Jesus was born to a family.♥