Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

A.R waited so long for Nintendo DSi XL to come out. His birthday wish came true today!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Grey Matters

I used to be a city girl. Not anymore. We now live forty-minutes away from the metropolis I used to call home. Believe it or not, I'd rather live up north by the lake. I used to be a fashionista. These days, I prefer wearing a pair of jeans, and a hoodie. I don't even apply make-up as much as I used to. To me, less is more. Wow! So much has changed in ten years.

And lately, I've noticed the grey in my hair.

Lots of it.

You see, my hair is jet black.

One or two strands of grey hair easily stands out. Sigh.

But, you know what? People say I look young. I find that hard to believe. My mom's friend thought I was in high school. I laughed when she told me. I may be older, married with two kids but I still feel like I'm sixteen.

So, instead of buying another box of hair colour, I'm letting the grey grow in for a change. Why? Because grey matters. I like the distinction it gives me. It doesn't bother me anymore when I'm called ma'am, Mrs. O, or J.P's mother. You see, I just don't want to be the young, insecure mother I used to be.

I like where I'm at right now. I'm comfortable just being me.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Did You Write a Post Today?

I think my husband is fascinated with the blogging world. However, I don't see him creating a blog any time soon. Lately, he has been asking me this question, and this morning was no exception. "Did you write a post today?" I looked at him wide-eyed and thought was I supposed to? It's Saturday, I don't normally post. "No, not today." He looked disappointed, and said, "Oh, okay." I told him that I try to write every 3-4 times a week, and the days I don't post, I like to read blogs and leave comments. My husband turned to me and said, "I don't know what it is but every time I read your posts, I like reading the comments." Me too. Huh?! What about my writing?!

So, here I am, posting on a Saturday.

It was imperative that I write one today. He's going to ask me if I did! Can't you see I'm going crazy?

Actually, it's nice to know someone is reading my blog. And for those who come by and visit, and always leave a comment, you're all very much loved and appreciated.

Friday, March 26, 2010

A Morning Walk

It looks like spring but honestly it feels like winter. I had to bundle up today as I took J.P to school. You can see him running up the hill, so carefree and happy. In a few more years, he'll be off to French Immersion school just like his older brother. Until then, I'm going to enjoy my morning walk with him - rain or shine!

Hope you're all having a lovely Friday!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What Housework?

You won't believe this but I didn't do any housework all last week. I know, I'm so bad! And I'm the neat freak around here! The boys were on March Break, and I thought why can't I just relax for a change. Yes, mommy took a vacation! I slept in. I didn't rush to cook meals. I let the laundry pile up. I didn't even vacuum. But I read my book, watched movies, enjoyed the fine weather and even had ice cream! Ah, life is good!

Not until, I started sneezing. Incessantly. Oh, those dust bunnies! Isn't the air purifier on? Do I really need to go back to my housekeeping ways? I don't want to look at the boys' room. I guess it's time for a major house cleaning!

I vacuumed upstairs, and downstairs in every room. I scrubbed the sinks, bathtub and started a load of laundry. I changed bed sheets, and cleared away clutter. One week of mess became an hour and half clean-up.

Was it all worth it? You bet!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bedtime Challenges

I love spending time with my boys but if there's a time I look forward to; it would be sending the kids off to bed! I can't wait for them to fall asleep so I can have time for myself. My husband often refers to this time as freedom. Yes, I am free to read, write or watch a movie without any interruptions.

However, bedtime can be a challenge. It takes them so long to brush their teeth and say goodnight! Arrgh! And now that March Break is over, the boys are dreading the thought of waking up early and going back to school. I'm certain they will try to delay their bedtime, and ask if they can read another story, or to leave the night light on. Their excuses are endless, funny and creative. They will do just about anything to stay awake and play!

The boys also share a room together, and sleep on a bunk bed. What was I thinking?! I thought it was a good idea. Not so. There is constant giggling, toys crashing onto the floor and a flurry of activity. Our den is beside the boys' room so we are well aware of their antics. From my desk, I give them a final warning to go to sleep. I let them chatter away for a few more minutes until silence falls.

I peek into their bedroom, J.P is on the edge of the bed, his blanket hanging by his feet. I gently move him to the middle. A.R sleeps on the top bunk; he is near the safety guard rail and I roll him close to the wall. Not quite what I envisioned as sleeping babes, tucked away sweetly under their blankets. But, for me, it's another chance to kiss them, and whisper goodnight, and tiptoe my way to freedom.

Friday, March 19, 2010

My Birthday Boy

Today is A.R's 10th birthday. Since his special day falls during the March Break, most of his friends are away on vacation. However, he's happy to decide what he wants to do, and usually he requests pizza, cake and maybe a new game. I must say my boys are pretty easy to please! My brother is dropping by to see his nephew, and have lunch with us. We're also waiting for my husband to return home from work. So, things are a little hectic right now. I hope to get back to blogging soon, and post some pictures. In the meantime, here's my baby boy at ten months. Last night, I was looking at all his baby pictures, and found this one that I haven't seen in years. Isn't he a cutie? Where did the time go? ....sigh.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010


On Saturday, after A.R's guitar lessons, we dropped by my parents' house for lunch. My mom loves to cook especially for her grandchildren, and they, in turn, love her cooking!  Every time, we come to visit I'm amazed how much food is on the table, and I'd ask, "What's the occasion?" She would laugh, and say that she's just happy to see us. During our feast, J.P thanks Grandma for the meal, and squeals out  "mmm" every time he puts a spoonful of food in his mouth. How come I don't get the same reaction when I make lunch? And why do I feel like I don't feed my kids enough?!

The boys get spoiled when they visit their Grandma and Grandpa. They get more juice, cookies, pudding and whatever goodies their hearts desires. Even get to play on the computer longer. No wonder they don't want to leave. They never had it so good! How come my parents never treated my brother and I this way?

When it's time to go home, my mom would pack leftovers for us. My husband says I don't have to cook the next day. I smile - he knows me all too well. I have prepared many of my mom's specialties but the truth is, it just doesn't compare. I miss her cooking. To me, it feels like home. One day, I hope my boys will feel the same way about me. But for now, it's "When are we going to visit Grandma and Grandpa again?"

Friday, March 12, 2010

What a Morning!

I started the day with a surprise visit from A.R's classmate. Apparently, his father dropped him off near our house to catch the school bus. He was late and missed it. So, I was scrambling to reach his mother by phone, and wondering why did his father leave him there all by himself? That's crazy!!! Why didn't he take him straight to school? What if I wasn't home? He'd be all alone. Luckily, Vinny managed to contact his older brother, and asked to be picked up at J.P's school. (Yes, I still had to take J.P to school when all of this happened.) It turns out his brother arrived, and Vinny was off to school. I'm sure he'll have a story to tell his parents when he gets home!

And after four glorious days of sunshine, the clouds rolled in, and it rained lightly this morning. The forecast looks great for the March Break so we look forward to a fun-filled week! Here's a picture of the boys last weekend - on our way to celebrate my father-in-law's birthday.

Hope you all have a great weekend. I hope I can squeeze in a few posts next week - the boys are on holidays!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Too Dorky to Forget

I mentioned in my previous post that I forgot about the tooth fairy. Thank you for all the reminders. J.P was delighted to receive his monetary gift the next day! It was like he had won the lottery!

However, A.R wasn't so happy with my odd and crazy behaviour. He was invited to a birthday party last week, and I completely forgot about that too. Oops! What's wrong with me? Lack of sleep? Old age? Mommy brain? Hmm.

And the other day, I couldn't believe what I said. When the boys come home from school, I always check their agenda for any homework or upcoming events. A.R attends French immersion school so obviously most of his homework, and reading is in French. So, from time to time, I'll ask him the meaning or translation of words.

As I was reading his agenda, I asked him, "What does cantabs mean?"

A.R looked at me funny and said, "Mommy, remember I told you we have to collect aluminum can tabs!"

Oh man! I'm such a dork! I never laughed so hard in my life.

(You know, we have to work on your spelling.)

Maybe I should take French again. Better yet, take a vacation!

Hey, March Break is next week!

At least, I didn't forget.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Blame it on the Oscars

I had another post scheduled today but I thought I'd tell you what happened this morning. I was downstairs packing lunches, and making breakfast when I heard J.P crying. I ran to his bedroom; thinking he had a nightmare, or he couldn't find his baby bear. I asked him what was the matter. He was lying in the fetal position, his face buried in his pillow. Through stifled sobs, he said, "The tooth fairy didn't come, and didn't leave me anything!"

Yesterday, J.P's lower baby tooth came out while having lunch at my brother's, and we wrapped it in a napkin for safekeeping for the tooth fairy. We arrived home late - I was rushing to get things cleaned up; and sending the kids off to bed so I could watch the Oscars. (I had a moment of weakness. I know I gave up t.v for lent but just this once!)

Yes, mommy stayed up late, and forgot to put his baby tooth under the pillow last night! Oops!

"Oh, honey, it's okay - you didn't put your tooth under your pillow. That's why she didn't come."

J.P gazed up at me, wiped his tears but dropped his face back on the bed.

I looked at A.R, and he muffled his laughter while I consoled his younger brother. He continued to cry but I promised we would place his tooth under his pillow before bedtime.

Oh boy, I better not forget because the tooth fairy has to come tonight!

Friday, March 5, 2010

The Little Guy

What a beautiful morning! J.P came up to me, and showed his cute snowman that he made in school, and requests to have his picture taken. He also asked me to put it on my blog! Can you believe that? I happily obliged!

How could I refuse? The little guy is a ray of sunshine!

I hope you like it, J.P!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Phone Call

The month of March is a busy one. For us, there are plenty of birthdays to celebrate - my father-in-law, my brother, my aunt, and A.R all have birthdays this month. Yesterday, it was my brother's birthday, and I thought it would be nice to give him a call before the boys went to school. When I told J.P it was his uncle's birthday, he immediately asked if his uncle was going to have a party. I replied that Uncle A. would have one on the weekend. If there is one thing you should know about J.P is that he loves birthday parties. In fact, any of kind of celebration! I also mentioned that we'd celebrate his grandpa's 70th birthday on Saturday.  He was very excited, and urged me to make the phone call to his uncle. I picked up the phone, and called but discovered my brother wasn't home - he probably left for work early so I decided to leave a message on his voice mail. I greeted my brother with birthday wishes then told A.R to do the same.

"Hi. Happy birthday Uncle A.! I love you."

I handed the phone to J.P. He took the receiver, and put it to his ear; he looked so grown up.

"Uh, uh...happy birthday Papa!" ( the boys call their grandpa "Papa")

Beep!  And he hangs up.

My mouth dropped open. Didn't he just asked me to call his uncle? A.R roared with laughter. So much for birthday greetings. Looks like we'll have to make another call.

Next year, I think I'll just send my brother a birthday card.

Monday, March 1, 2010

It Only Gets Better

This is what I did all weekend:

I worried sick for my dear friend, and her family in Chile.

I laid on the couch; my body weak and tired.

I took Tylenol every 4 hours.

I drank lots of water; only to take many trips to the bathroom!

I slept. Woke up. Ate a little. Slept again.

I grumbled, mumbled and sighed.

And I still managed to whip up lunch, and dinner for my boys.

Sounds like fun, huh? Oh yeah.

It only gets better.

I found out my friend is safe, and there was no structural damage to her house. Thank goodness! I have yet to contact her.

And the boys went back to school today. Yay! But left mommy sick as hell!

So forgive me if I don't post in a few days. It's been an emotional weekend, and I need to rest up!