Thursday, October 21, 2010


It's that time of year to take out bulky sweaters, turn on the heater and have plenty of tissue on hand.

The cold season is here.

For me, it came early - I was sick in late August; feeling miserable during our camping trip. And Mr.O is still recovering from his illness just over a month ago.

Last Sunday, J.P had the sniffles but a nagging cough and a mild fever came suddenly.

Being sick means no school, huh?

J.P dutifully takes his Tylenol, drinks lots of fluids and to pass the time, he reads books or plays on the computer. At least, he has an appetite. His fever comes and goes throughout the day but it rises near bedtime.

"Mommy, do I have to go to school tomorrow?"

"Are you feeling better now? Do you still have fever?"

J.P moans and groans, a coughing fit ensues. What an Oscar performance!


I check his temperature, and tell him that his fever is high.  He'll need to rest and to take his medication again. J.P slumps back down on the couch, and lets out a big sigh.

"I'm safe."

For now.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Release Your Inner Geek

"You're such a geek!"

Mr. O is amused as I sit and watch The Big Bang Theory. For those who are not familiar with The Big Bang Theory - it's a hilarious sitcom of a group of friends, who happen to be geniuses but who are inept in social circles especially when it comes to women. The show is witty, fresh and brilliant.

"I am not!"

Mr.O nods and reassures me that I am. He says I engage in social media, points out that I'm a news junkie, and I toy with gadgets and gizmos. Honestly, I'm just trying to keep up with the times. I have no intention of being nerdy.

We live in a fast-paced world -  computers, smartphones, mp3 players, and video games. It's astounding how fast you can receive information and how everything can go viral these days.

As a mother of two boys of Generation Z (those born 1991-2000s who have never known a world without computers, internet, etc.); I'm trying to teach them good values, balance and hard work. Parenting is difficult enough but to raise them when there are so many distractions! What a challenge!

Call me what you want.

But first, let me help you set up your iPod, guide you on Facebook, and show you how to text.

Release your inner geek!

Embrace it.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Garden Stroll

We spent the holiday weekend visiting family, and feasting on a traditional Thanksgiving dinner - turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, corn and for dessert, pumpkin pie. After seeing my parents, we took the boys to Rosetta McClain Gardens. A picturesque park hidden in the city, overlooking Lake Ontario.

It was past six o'clock in the evening, and we had about an hour or so to take pictures; and to take a garden stroll. There's a waterfall, a gazebo and a magnificent view of the lake.

I was hoping to capture autumn colours but instead I found pretty flower beds of begonias, geraniums, carnations and red calla lilies.

It's hard to resist but how can you not smell the flowers?

Perhaps, we'll just have to wait another week for the fall colours to arrive.

Until then it was a wonderful way to end the Thanksgiving weekend!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Being Beautiful

Today I'll be participating in this new meme called Being Beautiful.

Last March, I wrote "Grey Matters" - a post about growing old, and how much I've changed as a person. For many years, I've struggled with self-esteem, and body image but motherhood put a whole new perspective on life. And I'd like to share this with all of you again.

To check out more, click Being Beautiful.

Friday, October 8, 2010


First, I'd like to send out some blogger love to Carrie from Our Tips and Tales by The Kennison Family, Krislin from Tingvine - Moments with God from Syracuse Pike and A Mommy's Joy for the blog awards they sent me last week. I'll be adding these wonderful blogs on my list of favorites! Please check them out, they're all awesome!

It's Friday and the holiday weekend is here. I'll be celebrating Thanksgiving Day with family; and I'm looking forward to seeing my mother. Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, I urge women to get screened early. My mother was diagnosed in 2002, she underwent chemotherapy and beat it! After my mother's annual check up in September 2010, she was told that she will need surgery but no chemotherapy treatment. We are thankful that it was detected early and that she will not have to endure aggressive treatment.

This will be a special Thanksgiving for all of us. Our prayers, love and support are with you, Mom!

Have a wonderful weekend!

For more info on breast cancer, click here.

Monday, October 4, 2010


"Mommy, you're always busy."

This is what A.R said to me after I declined his offer to help him solve a puzzle. He asked me several times but I told him repeatedly, "Not now, I have things to do."

And then, there's the little guy who's been acting up, and stirring up drama when he comes home from school. Time outs and futile harangues have been the norm in this household.

It's been a stressful and frustrating week but my son's indelible words left a vivid impression.

The truth is my kids have been reaching out, and I haven't been listening.

We all lead busy lives, and sometimes we lose sight of what's really important.

But, that's no excuse, and I don't want any regrets.

Be careful what you say. Your children are listening.