Monday, March 28, 2011


Spring is here.

And the birds are busy building their nest above our bedroom window. Each morning, I hear them chirping, fluttering and colliding against the window pane.

These birds return every year, my alarm clock of the season.

Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!
A new day has begun.

Can I stay in bed a little bit longer? I've been hibernating.

Did March Break come and go? I could have sworn I had the kids all week but it seemed like an eternity.

Like the birds, my boys wake up at the crack of dawn and shrill all day long.

The very thought of spring brings renewal, rebirth and change.

And a special birthday.

I can't believe my eldest son turned eleven years old.


Where did the time go?


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  2. Each year heralds a new spring,
    And each spring brings renewed hope,
    The cycle repeats year after year
    as our hairs turn grey and the size
    of our children's shoes change...

  3. Our oldest kids are very close in age! My eldest daughter turned 10 back in December. It just look at her in amazement at how she is changing!

  4. My oldest son just turned 11 too! The time, it speeds by. I'm glad to see spring too! :)

  5. Feels like the time walk a little faster. Now my son is 1.5 years

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