Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spring Cleaning

It only took one look and I knew what I had to do.

I just hated the clutter that was accumulating in every corner of our home. Do we really need all this stuff?


I think it's time for some spring cleaning.

Every room was dusted, vacuumed and polished. And closets, cabinets, drawers and pantry shelves were organized.

Clothes, household items and toys were packed for donations.

Oh, Martha Stewart would be so proud!

But no time to rest, I'm off to the backyard to tackle my poor, neglected garden.



  1. Yesterday I took 3 boxes to Goodwill and 2 boxes to the kid's consignment store. And I'm still going strong!

  2. I so need to do this. Desperately. I did it pre-move, but now? Post-move? I realize I didn't do nearly enough of it. BTW, I have left my Blogger blog and I'm at Wordpress now, http://christiellanning.wordpress.com/.

  3. Same here. I need to clean my drawers with old clothes I cannot wear anymore. Some of them are still good. I had increased my size so I had to buy new ones. I hope you are done with your spring cleaning by this time. :)

  4. Oh my, oh my...what a lot to do there Mel!
    Who says a mother's job is easy.....
    Now....down to the last part of the neglected greens..

    Phew..I know you had a hectic week, but hope
    you managed to find some time to soak in the sunshine , breathe in the fresh spring air , take some well deserved siesta and have some nice home-made lemonade. Summer's nearing. Cheers.