Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Have you ever watched Hoarders or Consumed?

Two similar shows that feature clutter, and chaos that surround the lives of people.

My house isn't picture perfect but I would like it to be more organized.

So, every week we make the purge - donating household items, used clothing and toys.

Lately, I've been cleaning out the boys' closet - only to find their baby clothes.

Cute diaper shirts, sleepers, blankets, bibs and little socks.

Can you believe it?

A wave of emotion swept over me, fond memories flooded my mind.

How could I part with all of this? No!

Silly me. So sentimental!

I have to make room somehow. Oh, it's so hard to let go!

I decided to save all the Winnie-The-Pooh outfits, sleepers and blankets. A theme I chose to decorate A.R's nursery. Perhaps, one day I can give these precious items to my future grandchildren.

I was so pleased with the progress I made. The next day, I asked the boys to clean out their toy box. They worked diligently, selecting, and discarding the toys they no longer play with.

It only took an hour!

They kept Star Wars collectibles, action figures, cars and their favourite stuffed animals.

My work is done for now.

Not until, they grow up, and leave these things behind.