Wednesday, October 19, 2011

That's My Boy!

Last month, we attended Meet The Teacher Day at J.P's school. As usual, there was an evening barbeque, and afterwards, parents could visit their child's classroom.

J.P was excited to show his classroom, and present his school work. I was pleasantly surprised to read his autobiography and see his artwork.

Here's what he wrote about his faith:

I believe people can live in peace and harmony together. I believe that war will not continue. I believe that we can raise enough money for charity and those with cancer. I will believe that our friends have strong bonds that even death cannot break.

I was just as impressed as his teacher.

And here's the kite he created in honour of Terry Fox. It reads:

I can change the world by healing the wounds of the people. But if there is a wound that no medicine can heal. There is only one thing that can heal it, love.

Isn't that beautiful? Terry Fox would be proud.

That's my boy!